SPARS 2011: Travel and Accommodation

Conference Venue:

The conference will be held in the city centre of Edinburgh, at the historic Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh whose address is: 9 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JQ, United Kingdom.


The primary locations to arrive in the UK are the Edinburgh Airport (EDI) and the central train station "Waverley Train Station". Upon arrival at the airport, a taxi (about £20) can be taken to the city centre, or a bus (about £4) can be taken to the Waverley Train Station which is conveniently the last stop of the bus. The conference venue is about a 12 minute walk from Waverley Train Station.

Further information on travel to Edinburgh is available at the sponsoring mathematics institute ICMS travel website.


There are many hotels as well as bed and breakfasts in the city centre of Edinburgh; a convenient search engine for these is "", which allows searching by address. There is not a preferred hotel. The sponsoring mathematics institute ICMS has a suggested list of accommodations, note that the list for "Central" (list item 2) are closest to the conference venue.